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 Environmental Policy and Gender Issues
- Dharmendra Singh Mohta, Ankush Bhadoriya and Amit Laddha
Key Words: gender behaviour, community-based conservation, biodiversity, ecosystem, natural recourses
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Women are Water Carriers, Men are Decision Makers – Gender Issues in NRM – North Western Frontier Province, Pakistan
- Fauzia Malik
Key Words: management of natural resources with gender perspective, land ownership, women´s right in Islam, different needs and interests of women and men
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Gender Roles in Utilization of Medicinal Plants in the Miombo Woodlands
- Suzanna Augustino and Esther Epaphra
Key Words: Medicinal plants; gender; conservation; Miombo woodlands; Tanzania
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Mapping spatial differences in forest conditions and forest activity between Swedish male and female forest owers
- Lina Holmgren , Gun Lidestav and Siv Nyquist
Key Words: Gender order, forest ownership, productivity, land layout
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Mapping spatial differences in forest land conveyances between Swedish male and female forest owners
- Siv Nyquist, Lina Holmgren, and Gun Lidestav
Key Words: gender order, acquisition of property, conveyance forms, regional diacquisition
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Indigenous values and perceptions of sustainable forest management: a gendered approach to Criteria and Indicators
- Monika Singh and Ajith Chandran

Key Words: Gender, indigenous community, traditional forest use, criteria and indicators Q Method.
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Conceptualizing Gender and Adaptive Governance in Canadian Forestry Communities
- Maureen G. Reed and Christiana Amuzu
Key Words: Gender, forestry, communities, adaptive governance, climate change
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Gender in natural resources management: experiences with an e-learning course over four years
- Siegfried Lewark
Key Words: gender studies, e-learning, forestry curricula, university of Freiburg
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A Critical Analysis of Indigenous Livelihoods and Sustainable Forest Management – Integrating Gender Aspects. Case of the Sangha Triational Conservation Area
- Victorine S. Che

Key Words: Gender, livelihood, sustainable forest management, Bantu, Baaka 
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Nepal's Forestry Organization: Are they Gender Sensitive?
- Keshav Raj Acharya 
Key Words: Community forestry, gender sensitive budget, gender audit, focal person, Nepal
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Perceptions of Nature and Gender by foresters engaged in environmental education
- Christine Katz
Key Words: Nature perception, forest pedagogics, forestry stakeholders, gender
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Tamil Nadu Afforestration Programme (TAP) and Socio- Economic Impact on Livestock and
Livelihood Analysis in Kongurarkuttai Village, Tamil Nadu, India
- A. Malaisamy and I. Anwardeen
Key Words: TAP programme, socio-economic, livestock, livelihood change, village forest council
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Gender and Climate change in forest communities in sparsely populated areas of Sweden
- Christian Dymén and Måns Andersson
Key Words: Gender, climate change, forest communities, Swedish municipalities, regional development
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Still a Man’s World: Reflections of Women Foresters in Nepal
- Kalpana Giri and Jeannette Gurung
Key Words: Women foresters, life histories, academic institutions, gender discrimination, Institutionalization of gender sensitive behavior
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Impact of deforestation on rural women and their roles in biodiversity management
- Vibha Singhal
Key Words: Deforestation, women, biodiversity, health, fodder and fuel wood
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