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  • Nepal’s Forestry Organizations: Are they Gender Sensitive?
    Keshav Raj Acharya --> (pdf)
  • A Critical Analysis of the Interrelation between Indigenous Livelihoods and Sustainable Forest Management -Integrating Gender Aspects
    Victorine Sirri Che --> (pdf)
  • Gender and Climate Change in sparsely populated Municipalities
    Christian Dymén --> (pdf)
  • Differences in forest conditions between Swedish forest properties owned by men respectively women –preliminary results
    Lina Holmgren, Gun Lidestav, Siv Nyquist --> (pdf)
  • Perception of Nature and Gender by Foresters engaged in Environmental Education
    Christine Katz --> (pdf)
  • Social Dimensions of Climate Change
    Richard Langlais --> (pdf)
  • Team of Specialist on Gender Equality in Europe and North America
    Gun Lidestav --> (pdf)
  • Forest land conveyances in Swedish family forestry -traditional patterns in a modern society
    Gun Lidestav, Siv Nyquist, Lina Holmgren--> (pdf)
  • Experiences with Women Self Help Groups in Forest Management in India
    Anu Nagar --> (pdf)
  • Participatory Natural Resource Management in IWDP Hills Project of Himachal Pradesh
    S.S. Negi --> (pdf)
  • Conceptualizing Gender and Adaptive Governance in Canadian Forest-dependent Communities Conceptualizing Communities
    Maureen G. Reed, Christiana Amazu --> (pdf)
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